Servo Rate Reducer - 6 Seconds (Rev 2)

Servo Rate Reducer - 6 Seconds (Rev 2)
This Extra Slow Servo Rate Reducer is exactly the same as the standard Servo Rate Reducer, but it's speed has been decreased so the servo movement will take almost 6 seconds end to end.

For more information, please see the Servo Rate Reducer - 4 Seconds (Rev 2).

Revision 2 adds an increased input voltage range and smoother operation over the entire signal range, plus lower power draw.


Weight: 1g
Power Consumption: less than 15mA
Input Voltage Supply (Vin): 3.3v to 7.5v
Output Voltage Supply Minimum(Vout): Vin-0.25v
Output Signal Maximum Voltage(Voh): Vin to 5.0v
Maximum Servo Current: 3.5A

NOTE: This does not work with retract servos, it is intended to work with a standard servo to replace the funtionality of a retract servo.