Revolution (Revo) Mixer

Revolution (Revo) Mixer
The Dionysus Design mixer is designed to perform the revo mixing necessary to fly a helicopter so a standard 4 channel transmitter and any ESCs could be used.

Revo mixing (short for revolution mixing) combines the main and tail transmitter signals to obtain the correct power necessary to keep the tail torque the same as the main rotor torque. The gain potentiometer on the mixer allows precise control of how much main rotor signal is factored into the output.

Weight: 2.7 grams
Length: <7 cm

If the transmitter is turned off or the receiver fails, the mixer will continue to output a valid signal to the tail motor. The mixer also provides glitch protection to the main and tail motors.

Please download the instructions here: Instruction Manual (Doc)
HTML version is available here: HTML Instructions (HTML)