Coaxial Mixer

Coaxial Mixer
This dual input, dual output mixer is designed for people who want to fly their coaxial helicopters without the all-in-one mixer boards that come with the helicopters. It allows brushless upgrades and is much smoother than using a VTail mixer.

The coaxial mixer input signals are the main throttle and tail (yaw). It internally mixes the two signals together to produce two main motor outputs. The motor outputs will vary slightly between each other based on the tail signal. Using this mixer, a seperate gyro, receiver, and two speed controllers (any brand) can now replace the existing electronics.

The Potentiometer (adjustable resistor) on the mixer adjusts the sensitivity of the tail.

To install, simply plug the speed controllers into the pins on the mixer. Orient ESC plugs so ground and signal are on the same side of the mixer as the input cables that are soldered to the mixer. Plug the mixer cable on the POT side into the gyro. Plug the other cable into the main throttle channel on the receiver. If helicopter spins the wrong direction, switch the speed controller plugs on the mixer pins. Turn POT counter clockwise to decrease rudder authority, clockwise to increase. Gyro gain may need to be turned up if mixer POT is turned down.
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