Camera Position Controller - Single Axis (Rev 2)

Camera Position Controller - Single Axis (Rev 2)
The Camera Position Controller is designed to smoothly move a servo that is used for positioning a camera on the model. The Camera Position Controller works perfectly with a 3 position transmitter switch, or an extra transmitter stick. When the stick or switch is in the center position, the servo does not move. When the stick or switch is moved to one side or another, the servo will slowly move to that position. When the camera is pointed in the correct direction, simply move the stick or switch back to the center to hold the servo at that position.

The Camera Position Controller also includes a failsafe mechanism that always outputs a correct servo signal. It will hold the servo at the last known position even if it looses the input signal from a glitch or transmitter problem.

Revision 2 adds an increased input voltage range and smoother operation over the entire signal range, plus lower power draw.


Weight: 1g
Power Consumption: less than 15mA
Input Voltage Supply (Vin): 3.3v to 7.5v
Output Voltage Supply Minimum(Vout): Vin-0.25v
Output Signal Maximum Voltage(Voh): Vin to 5.0v
Maximum Servo Current: 3.5A