Servo Reverser (Rev 2)

Servo Reverser (Rev 2)
The Servo Reverser will actually reverse the direction the servo spins. This allows Y cables to be used for landing gear or flaps without reversing the orientation of one servo. The servos can now be mounted with symmetry in your model.

Revision 2 adds an increased input voltage range and smoother operation over the entire signal range, plus lower power draw.


Weight: 1g
Power Consumption: less than 15mA
Input Voltage Supply (Vin): 3.3v to 7.5v
Output Voltage Supply Minimum(Vout): Vin-0.25v
Output Signal Maximum Voltage(Voh): Vin to 5.0v
Maximum Servo Current: 3.5A


  • Accurately reverses the servo signal so the servo turns in the opposite direction.
  • Over 800 steps of signal input/output resolution .
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