Servo Stretcher (Rev 2)

Servo Stretcher (Rev 2)
The Dionysus Design Servo Stretcher will take the normal 90 degree servo signal from the receiver and stretch it out so the servo actually moves 180 degrees. Most servos can go up to 180 degrees, however the transmitter limits the range to about 90 degrees. This servo stretcher will double the signal range.

If your transmitter has ATV, use it to dial in exactly how far the servo will travel.

The servo stretcher is simply installed between the servo and the receiver. It uses a microcontroller to read the signal from the receiver and output the doubled signal to the servo. The servo stretcher is accurate to about 1500 points in the 180 degree range.

Revision 2 adds an increased input voltage range and smoother operation over the entire signal range, plus lower power draw.


Weight: 1g
Power Consumption: less than 15mA
Input Voltage Supply (Vin): 3.3v to 7.5v
Output Voltage Supply Minimum(Vout): Vin-0.25v
Output Signal Maximum Voltage(Voh): Vin to 5.0v
Maximum Servo Current: 3.5A

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