Shipping & Returns


All orders within the US will be shipped within 24 hours or you will receive a backorder notice. All shipments out of the US will take up to a week to process - we typically only ship international orders on Saturdays, but it depends on total volume. If your country has an import tax, duty, or VAT, the postal service will send you a bill after you receive your package. The bill may be as high as 25% of your purchase price. Please check for your country's charges. (Enter 8534001100 as the HS classification number for our products.)

You may request special shipping arrangements by emailing us. Most special shipping arrangements will be more expensive. We will respond with the price difference as soon as we receive your email.


100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you are unhappy with the quality or performance of any of our products and have purchased them directly from this website, simply send them back within 30 days and we will refund the purchase price minus shipping. If you purchased one of our products through another retailer or hobby shop, please return the product to the company at which you purchased it from.
Returns that are broken as a result of user neglect or misuse will not receive the full refund. If the item is damaged in any way, it will be dealt with as a repair.


If you would like your Dionysus Design product to be repaired, send it to us at the address below. Please include your email address with the item. We will contact you as soon as we receive it with a price quote for repairing it. If the item is not repairable, you will receive a 20% discount if you choose to order a new one. Your item will ship after you pay the repair fee. If the item is not repairable and you have been instructed to order a new one, please order it using our website and your discount will be refunded to you after we receive your order.


Dionysus Design and its owners are not responsible or liable for any property damage or personal injury caused by our products or by the use of the products manufactured or sold by Dionysus Design. Misuse or abuse of any products will not be covered under any warranty. Warranties offered by Dionysus Design only cover the repair or replacement of products manufactured by Dionysus Design.